Iluminata was born when two friends Flavio Hargreaves e Renato Nascimento had a vision, to build their own business based on 10 years of extensive creative knowledge in the advertisement industry.

We collaborate with groundbreaking directors, creative agencies and visionary brands, who trust us to bring their ideas to life. We value the two-way nature of these partnerships, understanding that our clients give us opportunities to improve our craft and astound their audiences.

Though we are renowned for our exceptional creative expertise, we are just as inventive with our workflow solutions and pride ourselves on our impeccable account management and client service.

In three years of innovation has established Iluminata as a recognised global brand for creating seamless visual effects, but we are also leaders in design, animation, live action content direction, VFX brand accounts, versioning and global adaptations, digital content creation and distribution. Our ability to package multiple services allow us to deliver both schedule and budget efficiencies and to create with the multi-platform world in mind. This helps clients create great looking content for any screen.

Our reputation is built on our people. We find, train and nurture the most talented creative, technical and production teams in the industry and our scale enables us to work individually, in teams or as an international network via our bases in London, New York and Los Angeles.

Iluminata is composed by a group of professionals that creates visual experiences for the world’s most powerful audiences.
Meet our team:

Co-founder of lluminata. His career has been known for not only his will of being the best in what he does, but also for his autodidactism. Through researches and also practicing and working for 13 years the Artluz Photographic Studio, he learned his skills of photograph, image manipulation and 3D. Flavio is always up to date with new technologies and tools in order to accomplish all challenges that come up. Every morning is dedicated to surfing, one of his methods of finding inspiration and balance in this intense world of advertising.

Renato has left on the side his career in martial arts, and followed his dream of working with design when he joined Flavio and created Illuminata. He graduated in Graphic Design at UFRJ and specialized in advertising when studied at ESPM. Began his career at Artluz Studio, then decided to work in the São Paulo market. He then added to his career the experience he had at Filet com Fritas and Platinum. His main skill is digital manipulation. He believes in transforming the imaginary world in reality through his art.

Joined the team of partners in September 2013,Convidado. Victor is always surrounded by modeling clay sculptures, his passion since young age and his hobby. Graduated in Graphic Design from Universidade Estácio de Sá, worked at Rede Globo in their virtual advertising and news art area. Specialized in 3D, Victor ahs had his own graphic design company- Jigsaw, doing jobs for Coca-Cola, HSBC, Warner Music, TIM, Glaxosmithkline, among other great companies. His CV is also filled with freelance work for Xuxa Produções and Publytape.

What we do

You have inspiration; we have the right tools and creativity to make your ideas happening.

What we offer is far more than a simple picture; we offer a complex photocomposition from the result of pure integration skills from 3D, visual effects and Post Production. We click with that in mind, the final result is a product in harmony with all elements. Certainly a key process in any successful campaign.

Need to be live up your products or any image? With our 3D techniques we can build and play with; environments, objects, characters, vehicles and fluids. We use tools such as 3D Max, ZBrush, Realflow plus a whole bunch of things. We create extraordinary images for extraordinary clients.

If you need something special, different and unique, our illustrator's team will take action, they are geared up to make your campaign get notice and impresses the industry, using our craft hands in digital painting, vector or simply pen & paper.

If your company needs storytelling, enchantment campaign? We offer the best solutions in the market, from animation to motion graphics, vignette's to films, we have the right approach for each product.

You bring the ideas and our team will translate into colours, stiles and objects, presenting a simple yet sophisticate solution. Our techniques goes far beyond the traditional, it's a full mix of 3D, compositions, illustrations and mock up's, we guarantee to meet your expectations.

We strive for perfection and ally talent and techniques, we craft all available tools in Photoshop and our Post Production team will carefully give it the final touches. Our mission, excel perfection.